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Sami Badroni grew up in poverty but flourishes to become friend and smuggling partner of a high-ranking Palestine Liberation Organization official in Beirut in the 1980s. However, his world crumbles when Israeli forces invade and Sami’s girlfriend inadvertently implicates him in the murder of two Mossad agents in London months prior.

A drug lord working for the Mossad kills Sami’s partner, Israel’s number one enemy, and so removes Sami’s protection. He now faces the unrelenting wrath of the most powerful spy agency in the world all on his own. His life of power and dirty money crumbles under the murder accusations, and Sami goes on the run.

Although Sami may be innocent of the crime he’s accused of, he might also be inadvertently involved. It’s no matter to his hunters. With the airport closed and the city under siege, Israeli agents begin to close in. Unable to escape, Sami’s luck has run out and he now has no other choice but to confront his checkered past and face a ruthless adversary.

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Message in a Shell

Message in a Shell